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Welcome to the Campaign Builders' Guild.

The core purpose of the guild and its membership is to offer a free and friendly community where anyone can take part in the discussion, review, and creation of homebrewed roleplay worlds and the campaigns that take place within them. We offer a welcoming atmosphere where constructive criticism and open feedback is encouraged in the hope that we might inspire each other to become better and more creative world builders. The roleplay gaming market has been flooded over time with numerous settings of all manner of theme and quality. There are times where such pre-designed games are ideal for you and your friends. We're here for all the other times. Creating a new world to call your own can be exciting, but it can also be daunting. The Campaign Builders' Guild is here to help. The membership is full of experienced roleplay gamers eager to guide you towards the goal of a polished campaign world that your players will look forward to taking part in. So what are you waiting for? There's an entire group of people waiting to meet you, all you have to do is take the plunge.


Last 20 Shouts:


I always felt bad for not joining in on that. Life got in the way.
Agreed, Underdeep was phenomenal!
Was rereading Underdeep. Goddamn that was fun.
Steven Universe is the darkest piece of ostensible children's media I've seen since Animorphs.
Anyway, if you have specific questions about DW or AW, or just want to chat about it, maybe a good thread topic? I'd be happy to talk it over.
I'm much more familiar with the original Apocalypse World system.
A bit. Enough to know I don't like it much. tongue
Only a smidgeon.
Hmm. Looking at Dungeon World. Anyone here have much experience with the system?
I think the technical term if we're speaking in a rule 34 sense of the term is "mechanophile" or "technosexual." Robot fetishists sometimes go as "ASFRians" (


Too true. I' mainly ask because I have a real love for the old Thomas the Tank Engine stuff.
There are probably dark corners of the internet you could delve into for an answer, but you probably don't want to.


Lol. I can't decide which is better. Shiny is funny, but it doesn't quite get the point across. I also like mechy, but it doesn't roll of the tongue right. Thingy?
I don't think there's an established term, but can I offer "shiny"


So I have a weird question. You call someone who's into anthropomorphic animals a "furry". What do you call someone who's into anthropomorphized objects/machines?


I'm leaning towards Popplio, but I would need to see what it evolves into.
I'm partial to grass starters, so my choice has been made for me.


No seriously this is the first time since R&S that I had to soul search about which starter I'm gonna pick. D&P I didn't even really care as long as it wasn't chimchar...
I'm SUPER excite for Pokemon S&M. That bug's pretty nifty.

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