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Welcome to the Campaign Builders' Guild.

The core purpose of the guild and its membership is to offer a free and friendly community where anyone can take part in the discussion, review, and creation of homebrewed roleplay worlds and the campaigns that take place within them. We offer a welcoming atmosphere where constructive criticism and open feedback is encouraged in the hope that we might inspire each other to become better and more creative world builders. The roleplay gaming market has been flooded over time with numerous settings of all manner of theme and quality. There are times where such pre-designed games are ideal for you and your friends. We're here for all the other times. Creating a new world to call your own can be exciting, but it can also be daunting. The Campaign Builders' Guild is here to help. The membership is full of experienced roleplay gamers eager to guide you towards the goal of a polished campaign world that your players will look forward to taking part in. So what are you waiting for? There's an entire group of people waiting to meet you, all you have to do is take the plunge.


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whaaat, I left work and I left my notebook with my campaign notes in it is at work, and my work is half an hour away and it's raining ;_;
Work is absolutely crazy lately, but I'll be posting small li'l posts when I can.
Welcome back tongue
Regarding map making and macaroni, this just came up on my timeline and I thought maybe y'all would find it useful/interesting:
There's a thing called the Malison that's pretty great. It's appearance is heralded by rains of daggers and animating statues. The Malison makes communities into monsters, like the mind-rending skin tent Bruchsal or a golem made of slime and the citizens of a town called West Haven. There's another thing called the Vitiator that's also fairly amazing (pictured:
Do you have a favorite beastie?
Those that like their monsters extra crazy should check out the new OSR bestiary Lusus Naturae. It's really good.
Welcome back, Xeviat. I now have a strong urge to make a motherfucking map.
That's... I want to go try that.
I just tried the mapmaking method out, but I used dried beans instead of macoroni. I need to work on my outlining method a little bit, but the principle still works.
Wow that's actually really good advice.
Anyone having trouble making maps? (Language Warning)
Edited my Underdepth's PC with hooks for other players and to completion.
And not that I know of, Pym.
My orders should be final, Polycarp.
Did Llum give any news?
Hmmm. Actually maybe not. Just give me until tomorrow evening if you could, Polycarp.
@sparkletwist -- Have edited PC sheet in BftU. More tonight.
I should likewise have my orders up tonight.

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